Don’t Worry, Throw a Party!!

Monday, September 10, 2012 9:56:47 PM Asia/Calcutta

Bobby McFerrin’s famous song has the lyrics that go “In life there’s some trouble, when you worry you make it double….so don’t worry be happy!!”  And what a better way to be happy than throw a Party. In our stress ridden life we often go the other way. When trouble comes in, we turn inwards worry, brood, complaint and stay away from friends.


What if we just said – “ the trouble can wait, let me get my spirits high first, with friends, people I love and people whom I enjoy being with and doing things with”  You bet it would make a difference! Even the thoughts of good time makes life look better. It could be a small thing like watching a movie together, going out to the Club and shooting pool or having a house party with lots of music!


Anything that has the fun element and prevents sulking. Please don’t just “call people home for dinner” or come over so that the Kids can have a good time.  All that would lead to is you having the same small talk , a discussion of a few recipes and comparison of the kids. You’ve had that feeling before haven’t you? :) Food and wine are secondary and just the sidekicks in the show; the main act is having good fun.  And it’s not just for the Kids to have a good time, it’s for you too!!


Make it merry; make every party an occasion to remember. It need not be expensive or over the top.  It could be Michael Jackson remembrance, or reliving India’s great cricket games, watching “Friends” or having a Dart shooting contest.  Break the monotony, don’t wait for the weekend to throw a Party, have a ball during the week. Believe me you will find work better the next day!


A Party is a way to give vent to your emotions. Being happy and in good company is important. Also when you throw a Party, you are giving and sharing happiness and so will you get in return. Amen!

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